The Excellent Chapter of the Cathedral

This Chapter is made up of the Canons: priests named by the bishop of the diocese who are responsible for worship, pastoral guidance, charity and all aspects referring to the management of the Cathedral.

The Chapter of the Cathedral of Barcelona has been documented since 878 and has carried out its work without interruption since that time.

The Counts of Barcelona are also Canons of Barcelona if they wish to take possession of that title by swearing the constitutions of the Cathedral.

The current Chapter is made up of the following Canons and positions:

  • Msgr. Josep Ramon Pérez Sánchez, dean
  • Mons. Sergi Gordo Rodríguez, Auxiliary Bishop of Barcelona
  • Msgr. Josep M. Turull Garriga, churchwarden
  • Msgr. Josep Vives Trabal, archpriest and prefect of liturgy
  • Msgr. Robert Baró Cabrera, responsible of patrimony and archivist
  • Msgr. Alfred Sabaté Botet, head of the Charity Fund
  • Msgr. Santiago Bueno Salinas, prefect of music
  • Msgr. Miquel Ramon Fuentes, secretary
  • Msgr. Joan Rodríguez Gómez, penitentiary
  • Msgr. Felip-Juli Rodríguez Pinel, Chapter and Foundations Administrator

Canons emeritus:

  • Msgr. Joan Guiteras Vilanova
  • Msgr. Josep A. Arenas Sampera
  • Msgr. Josep M. Martí Bonet
  • Msgr. Josep Serra Colomer

Seconded deans:

  • Josep Urdeix Dordal, DP
  • Xavier Rius Cornadó, DP
  • Ramon Ollé Ribalta, DP

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