The chapel of Saint Lucia is in the late Romanesque style. It was constructed between 1257 and 1268 as a chapel for the Episcopal palace (annexed building).

The floor plan of the chapel is rectangular with a single nave formed by a pointed barrel vault. The chapel has two doors: one at the back accessing the Cloister and the other to the exterior. The façade of the chapel is characterized by a door with a semicircular arch and archivolts and two columns at each side with carved capitals bearing geometric and animal figures.

In the interior of the chapel of Saint Lucia there are two sepulchers with the remains of bishop Arnau of Gurb (13th century) and canon Francesc of Santa Coloma (14th century).

The chapel was originally dedicated to the Virgin Saints, but since 1296 has been dedicated only to Saint Lucia, protector of sight.

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